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Dans sa tête


  • Space


  • Concept

    Akane Skincare is a Paris based cosmetic brand that provides natural and healthy skincare products made in France. Thriving to emerge on a scattered market, Akane needed to create awareness around its values.

    To accomplish this goal, we wrote, produced and directed the first Akane Brand film. A tribute to the « Akane » woman. A free spirited natural beauty, a city girl with a lot of imagination and a true connection to nature.

  • Time


akane video dans sa tête

video play iconWatch film

01Film production

One day in Paris / Half a day in Portugal.
Our challenge was to shoot a cinematographic short movie with an emotional story and a lot of different locations in only 1 day in Paris. So we put together an ambitious production plan thanks to our solid and experimented talents ! We then flew back to Portugal in order to reach incredible natural spots and got all the shots in half a day.

02Original music

We wanted the film to be unique, so like we usually do, we composed in-house an original soundtrack for the brand. Bringing the Parisian vibe with a mix of vintage melody inspirations from the 70s and a modern electronic production from our beloved Mojo composer Felix.

03Campaign launch

We wanted to create a solid and interesting story around the film to entertain the brand audience on several weeks and maximize the impact of the campaign. We brought our photographer on set in order to generate as much additional content as possible and help the brand create a complete teasing campaign. We then created and delivered all social media assets such as Instagram stories, covers & albums and we produced a specific teaser to be promoted on the brand’s touchpoints.

  • Instagram content
  • Instagram stories
  • Film teaser
    akane video dans sa tête

    video play iconWatch teaser

04Landing page

We created a specific landing page to bring the audience closer to the brand, tell them more about the movie, what happened « behind the scenes », and explain more about the products. Aiming at a first purchase on the e-shop.

desktop website
Mojo creative talents
mojo skills icon set
  • mojo skills art icon

    Director //
    Mathieu Chartier

    Scenario //
    Hugo LAI, Jeremy TWEEDT

    Production //
    Edouard TINTIGNAC

  • mojo skills film icon

    DOP //
    Antoine CARPENTIE

    Edit //
    Felix Paul SCHMID

    Calibration //
    Florian MARTINY

    Style & Decoration //
    Juliette MOREAU

    Gaffer //

    Drone operator //
    Ivan VICENTE

  • mojo skills music sound design icon

    Original soundtrack //
    Felix Paul SCHMID