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Nae Vegan Shoes


  • Space


  • Concept

    At the occasion of the launch of the Autumn/Winter collection of Nae Vegan Shoes (Nae : No Animal Exploitation), we launched a brand activation aiming to engage its audience on Instagram about fashion and animal exploitation. Our goal was to bring together the vegan community with the #animalapproved and invite people to share pictures with their pet.

  • Time


01Social Activation

To do so we directed a photo shoot in Lisbon and Berlin and shot a series of models and one influencer wearing the shoes while pausing with their pet.

#animalapproved social activation


Armed Angels, a German ethical clothing brand, accepted to partner with us on this project which allowed us to dress our models ethically from head to toes and bring two brands together around the same values.

Mojo creative talents
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    Art direction //
    Jeremy TWEEDT, Hugo LAI

  • mojo skills photography icon

    Photography //
    Felix SCHMID

Summer Collection 18