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Summer Collection 19


  • Space


  • Concept

    Klow is an ethical online fashion retailer that exclusively gathers ethical fashion brands on its online platform. On the long run Klow really aims to change the way people perceive and purchase fashion brands.

    The brand Motto “Keep it Slow” inspired the Art Direction of the shoot. This strong philosophical statement goes beyond denunciating the impact of Fast Fashion on society and on the planet, it raises awareness on a more global societal behavior trait that has inevitably to lead us to the hectic consumption society we live in today.

  • Time


klow video crowdfunding

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To further emphasize the emotion we composed an original soundtrack inspired by the Pink Floyds.

Our goal was to show that you can be an ethical brand and be just as trendy as any of the fashion industry leaders.
The future of fashion is ethical, that’s a fact. To do so we needed to be as inspirational and eye-catching as the best fashion brands.


To bring those values to life and be as inspirational as possible, we decided to distance ourselves from regular advertising methods and create cinematographic content with a real artistic intention. We wanted to re-capture the lyrical and poetic atmosphere of the 60’s. A period of time where people seemed to be more in touch with their true selves. To do so we shot the collection on the “California looking” cliffs of a southern beach of Portugal with a vintage and nostalgic look and feel.

04Behind the scenes

We are constantly in a hurry, summoned to buy more, buy faster, work more, work faster and we overlook the importance of taking the time to reconnect with ourselves and escape from our everyday life. Good things take time to grow.


On Klow you only shop modern, durable and sustainable products, not harmful for the environment, our health and following ethical behaviors that empower and respect the workers.

We've been working, together with Klow, on the look & feel of their latest website, in order to optimize sales while reflecting Klow's values as good as possible.

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desktop mockup background desktop website klow
mobile website klow
Mojo creative talents
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  • mojo skills art icon

    Art direction //
    Felix Paul SCHMID, Hugo LAI, Edouard Tintignac

  • mojo skills film icon

    Filming & Edit //
    João ESTEVES & Felix Paul SCHMID

  • mojo skills photography icon

    Photography //
    Felix Paul SCHMID

  • mojo skills music sound design icon

    Music //
    Felix Paul SCHMID

  • mojo skills film icon

    Web //

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