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Renewable Energy

Plastic Odyssey

  • Space


  • Concept

    Plastic Odyssey is a 25m long vessel that will be solely powered by plastics. The wastes will be harvested onshore during each call, then stored onboard, to finally be transformed into fuel and power the ship’s engines. The vessel will achieve the first round-the-world expedition using plastic waste as a fuel, to show that it’s too valuable to enter our oceans.

    Behind this challenge, a panel of open source plastic-recycling machines will be built and tested onboard. The expedition is an opportunity to face realities on the ground and adapt the solutions to local needs. These technologies will be spread all over the world to create jobs locally while cleaning up our environment.

  • Time


logo visual identite plastic odyssey

01The Logo

The logo of Plastic Odyssey is more than a symbol, it tells a story. With simple and bold shapes inspired by the symbols of energy (the battery), plastic (plastic bottle) and of the ocean (waves) we managed to create a unique graphic element using negative space to represent a plastic bottle floating in the sea.
We used Raleway Black for the brand name, the weight of the font matches exactly the weight of the shapes of the pictogramme which conveys a sense of perfect balance to the overall logotype.

logo bottle battery plastic odyssey


Technology at the service of nature. The look and feel of the website portrays the values of the brand with style and simplicity.

desktop mockup background desktope website screen


Business cards, letter head, email signature, t-shirt prints and many more are part of the Plastic Odyssey stationnary products.

04The Icon Set

Inspired from the logo's hieroglyphic style, the icon set was designed with simple and bold lines, each of them including the same circle, symbol of collaboration and recycling. Every icon represents on of the brand's missions.


Raleway was chosen as the brand font for it’s bold and powerful shape. It empowers the message of the brand and it is easy on the eye both when used is big bold letters or small regular type.

Mojo creative talents
plastic odyssey icon set
  • mojo skills art icon

    Art direction //
    Jeremy TWEEDT

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