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Akina Sefu


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  • Concept

    The Song “Akina Sefu“ tries to capture the situation at the Spanish exclave in Melilla, Morocco. Many refugees from the Sub-Saharan region are stranded there on a mountain next to the city, after a long and deadly journey in hope for a better life. Only a security fence guarded by the military separates them from European ground. For the video we contacted the documentary filmer David Fidelle who made ‘THE LAND BETWEEN’ and José Palazón, who is part of an organization that fights for the rights of refugees and against border control brutality. With the use of their footage, we were able to visualize the story of the song.

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waheya video akina sefu

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Mojo creative talents
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    Film & Edit // Felix Paul Schmid

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    Music Production // Felix Paul SCHMID

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